Sattu Jaljeera: Savory High Protein Drink

23 Oct

Sattu Jaljeera Drink - Savory High Protein Drink

Sattu, or roasted gram flour, was once a litttle-known staple of rural Bihar. Not anymore. With more awareness of sattu’s nutritive profile – high protein, low glycemic index, high fiber, low sodium – “poor man’s protein” sattu is now hailed as superfood.

Is there a delight greater than discovering that tasty comfort food is also extremely healthy, and that extremely healthy is also extremely affordable?

This sattu jaljeera drink is a combination of sattu and jaljeera (cumin-based spice) powder. It is really quick to put together and needs no cooking or fancy processing equipment. A great post-workout drink or colon cleanser on the day after a heavy meal.

Sattu can be made at home, though I generally get a good-quality store bought one from Bihar. You can also find sattu online (<- Amazon affiliate link). The taste may vary by brand; when buying, do ensure that it is roasted flour and needs no cooking.

You Need:

[per serving]

  • Chilled water – 300 ml
  • Sattu (roasted gram powder) – 2 heaped tablespoons
  • Jaljeera powder* – 1 heaped teaspoon
  • Roasted cumin powder – 1/2 teaspoon
  • Freshly crushed black pepper – a pinch
  • Lime juice – 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh coriander/mint leaves – a few sprigs

*I use Everest jaljeera powder, which can be substituted with a blend of these spices: dry mango, rock salt, mint, cumin, black salt, chili, black pepper, dry ginger, asafoetida.

Jaljeera Powder, Sattu Powder

In the pic above: jaljeera powder, sattu powder.

Crushed Black Pepper, Roasted Cumin Powder

In the pic above: freshly crushed black pepper, roasted cumin powder.

How To Make Sattu Jaljeera:

Take two tablespoons of sattu and a teaspoon of jaljeera powder.

Sattu - Roasted Gram Flour

Adjust the quantity of sattu to your liking: more than two tablespoons if you want a denser sattu jaljeera drink, less than two tablespoons if you want a lighter drink.

Add 300ml of water and whisk really well. Make sure no dry powdery lumps remain in the drink. Stir in roasted cumin powder, freshly crushed black pepper and lime juice.

Sattu Jaljeera Drink - Savory High Protein Drink

Add finely chopped or crushed fresh herbs (coriander/mint).

Sattu jaljeera is ready to drink. Serve immediately.

Sattu Jaljeera Sharbat - No Sugar, High Protein Drink

Tip: Sattu tends to settle. Remember to serve with a straw or a stirrer.


Bihari homes use sattu in forms other than drink too. Try stuffed sattu paratha or sattu chokha.

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