10 No Onion No Garlic Curries

11 Dec

There are times when many of us want to exclude onion and garlic from our diet – religious festivals, a lifestyle choice borne out of ayurvedic principles, or more earthly matters such as exorbitant prices.

The good news is that a “no onion no garlic” diet need not be one of frugality. Just because you aren’t eating onion or garlic does not mean you are doomed to subsist on bland watery boiled vegetables instead. Curries without onions and garlic can be so tasty, you will not even notice that a conventional ingredient is absent.

Here is an assorted selection of ten “no onion no garlic” recipes from The Steaming Pot.

stuffed-eggplant-peanut-sesame-250 Stuffed Baby Eggplant in Peanut-Sesame Sauce
potato-bottlegourd-stew-250 Lauki Aloo: Bottle Gourd and Potato Stew
Raw Papaya Stir Fry Khatta Meetha Papeeta: Sweet and Sour Papaya
potato-spinach-dish-250 Spinach Potato Curry
Chana Dal with Raisins Chana Dal with Raisins
Chhole without Onion Garlic Chhole without Onion and Garlic
Aloo Posto: Potatoes in Poppy Seed Paste Aloo Posto: Potatoes in Poppy Seed Gravy
red-pumpkin-moong-vadi-250 Red Pumpkin Mangodi Curry
nenua-chana-250 Nenua Chana: Sponge Gourd with Chana Dal
Dahi Bhindi: Okra in Yogurt Sauce Dahi Bhindi: Okra with Ginger Pepper Yogurt


Here’s a longer list of no-onion-no-garlic curries on The Steaming Pot.

Want to skip another key ingredient in curries? Check out this list of 10 no tomato curries.


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