Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

29 Jul

Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

“Intense” is the word for it. Grape, beetroot, basil – each a treasure trove of nutrients– together produce a rich, health-boosting juice with healing properties.

The remarkable thing about this juice, at least for me, is that it makes basil juice palatable. Basil’s flavor is so strong and I can’t get myself to take in more than a leaf or two at a time. When blended with grape and beetroot though, the herb’s flavor is diffused and it becomes possible to consume a lot more of its goodness.

Dark Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

You Need:

[per glass]

  • Basil leaves* – small bunch
  • Beetroot – 1
  • Dark grape** – 100 grams
  • Black pepper – a pinch (optional)

*Any variety of basil will do. I have used Thai basil this time though I often use the Indian basil in juice.

** I have used Red Globe grapes, as that’s what I find most easily. Can be replaced with any type of red/purple/black grape – the color and sweetness of the juice can vary somewhat with the substitution.

Red Globe Grapes, Basil Leaves, Peeled Beetroot

How To Make Grape Beetroot Basil Juice:

Wash basil, beetroot and grapes very well.

[I peel the beetroot if I can’t get hold of organic, else let the skin remain.]

Stack the ingredients in the juicer funnel: basil first, then beetroot and grape.

Activate the juicer and collect the juice in a mug. Stir in a pinch of pepper.

To serve grape beetroot basil juice:

Add ice cubes to the glass, and pour in freshly extracted juice. Float a few basil leaves and grape slices on the surface.

Serve grape beetroot basil juice immediately.

Beet Grape Basil Juice


If this juice is excessively dense/sweet for your taste (happens to me with certain varieties of grapes), add a portion of chilled water and a squeeze of lime to the juice.


  • Opt for dark grapes over green/blush grapes as dark grapes are rich in flavonoids – the component that gives dark grapes their color.Quercetin and resveratrol, the two main flavonoids in grapes, are known for anti-inflammatory effects.
  • A pinch of pepper in grape juice doesn’t just add to its taste. Studies suggest that black pepper helps to improve bioavailabilty of resveratrol.

Dark Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

Want more ways to use beetroot? Try watermelon pomegranate beetroot juice.

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