5 Gift Ideas for Food Lovers

9 Nov


Looking for a creative/unusual gift for a food lover? Here are some gift ideas based on my favorite buys and stuff from my wish list, which you could pick from. Hope your food lover likes them as much as I do!

Click the images/links to buy from Amazon. (If you buy via my link I’ll earn a small referral fee: the price for you will remain the same.)

1. Frog Tea Infuser

This cute frog’s arms latch themselves to the rim of a cup and the holey belly lets the tea gently infuse. The top opens up for cleaning and refilling. I own this tea infuser and it’s a great conversation piece!

Frog Tea Infuser

Hand the contraption to visitors and ask them to guess what it is. Three to one, they’ll sniff and suggest something like "pepper shaker".

The holes are bigger than the average infuser, suited for leafy, large-grained tea.

Buy here: Frog Tea Infuser

2. RSVP Red Stoneware Tortilla Warmer

Red-glazed microwaveable and oven-safe (upto 325F) tortilla warmer. 9" in diameter and 1" tall – just right for keeping pancakes warm too.

I plan to use this as a chapati casserole.

Buy here: RSVP Red Stoneware Tortilla Warmer

3. Olde Thompson 16-Jar Labeled Orbit Spice Rack

Revolving rack with 16 sealed jars stocked with frequently used spices: basil, cinnamon, coriander, oregano, paprika, thyme, etc. The spice jars are globe-shaped glass, 3.25" tall, each carries the spice name across the lid. It looks very compact – the whole spice rack is about 11" tall and 9" in diameter.

Buy here: Olde Thompson 16-Jar Labeled Orbit Spice Rack

4. They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World

Recommended for anyone who likes food, art, colors and lettering. A book by the team behind the blog They Draw & Cook, this features over a hundred diverse recipes with hand-drawn illustrations by artists around the world.

The recipes aren’t exclusively vegetarian but there is plenty for vegetarians too (here‘s a sampler). I own this book and find it a delight to browse through the illustrations and lettering, even if the recipe is one I wouldn’t attempt. For a vegetarian-only alternative, you could pick The Colorful Vegetarian, containing 30 illustrated vegetarian recipes by the same team.

Buy here: They Draw and Cook: 107 Recipes Illustrated by Artists from Around the World

5. Bormioli Rocco Country Home Fiesole Oil Bottle

Intricately patterned glass bottle with cork stopper, from the house of Italian glassmakers Bormioli Rocco. 24-ounce (0.7 liter) capacity. Ideal on the tabletop for oil and vinegar.

Can also be used to hold honey or fruit concentrates. For a personal touch when giving as a gift, fill the bottle with something homemade.

Buy here: Bormioli Rocco Country Home Fiesole Oil Bottle

Happy shopping!


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