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Cucumber Raita

26 Nov

Did you know that the cucumber originated in India? It is only fitting that this gourd gets used to add the “cool" factor to Indian cuisine. Here’s to the pitta-placating, palate-cleansing cucumber raita (yogurt dip).


Patriotic Raita for Indian Independence Day

13 Aug

15th August is just round the corner. To celebrate India’s Independence day, let the tricolor inspire our food. Here’s an idea in saffron, white and green – a patriotic raita.


Spinach Raita

7 Apr

Every time my mom makes spinach raita when guests are over, she is asked what went into the dish and how she made it. Sure to be followed by incredulous expressions when she lists out a mere five ingredients and two steps. Nothing that tastes this good can be so easy!


Pineapple Raita

1 Feb

A fruity raita to give company to Indian meals, specially good when you have heavy gravies like kofta curry or paneer butter masala on the menu. I love the sweet and tart taste that ripe pineapple gives to the raita.


Lauki (Bottle Gourd) Raita

28 Oct

Raita (yogurt dip), with bottle gourd as its prime ingredient, provides a lovely balance to rich Indian gravies. Bottle gourd and yogurt are bland on their own, but the other ingredients that go with lauki raita give it a suprising tangy twist.


Carrot Onion Raita

21 Jul

Carrot onion raita with crunch and a color palette reminiscent of the Indian flag! This cool, tangy accompaniment for Indian meals, with its hint of sweetness, give the perfect balance to spicy Indian gravies.


Mango Raita (Yogurt Dip)

15 May

A fruit raita for my lunch gathering today, with the "king of fruits" as it is called – the mango. 

This fruit comes in many cultivars, each with its own distinct taste, texture and characteristics. Mangoes can be small, red and pulpy, or large, yellow-green and firm. Some varieties are so squishy that the only sensible way to eat them is by making a hole at the mango’s top and sucking the juice out.


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