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French Fries Without Deep Frying

15 Dec

If you love French fries but avoid them for health’s sake, here’s a way to prepare them without deep frying. The result is spectacular!


Quick Tasty Onion Fry

7 Nov

This side dish of quick tasty onion fry is for keeps. It uses few ingredients and doesn’t need much cooking time, which makes it a perfect worknight meal accompaniment.


Crispy Spicy Plantain Fry

23 Sep

In the mood for a crispy masaledar side dish with your simple rice and dal? Here comes the perfect recipe for you – (raw banana) plantain fry.

Plantain is tailor-made for new cooks – easy to slice, quick on the stove, no hi-fi artistry required except in making sure that the plantain slices do not blacken as you cut them.