Give Moong Dal More Flavour – Roast It!

18 Apr

Roasted Moong Dal

A nifty tip I picked up via Mahanandi – roasting yellow moong dal before cooking it. When you roast moong dal, the dal acquires a more aromatic, nuttier taste which really adds to the dishes being cooked with it.

How To Roast Moong Dal:

The process is very simple. Here’s what to do: take the moong dal in an iron skillet or any wide thick-bottomed pan (the Indian-style pressure cooker, without lid on, works well too). Put it on a medium flame and roast, tossing gently, till the yellow dal begins to turn golden-brown and gives off a toasted aroma.

Let it cool to room temperature and then use the dal as usual (wash, boil, the works). The process of dry roasting improves the flavor of raw dal.

Roast Moong Dal

Coming soon: a recipe with moong dal and ridge gourd. Stay tuned. [Update: Here is the recipe – ridge gourd moong dal.]

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