Prevent Cut Eggplant From Discoloring

24 Jun

Prevent Cut Eggplant from Discoloring

A common problem with the aubergine/eggplant/brinjal is that it begins to turn brown on slicing.

This is actually a good sign as it signals the presence of powerful antioxidants in the eggplant.

Good signs are all fine, but you don’t want your dish to look a muddy shade, right? Here’s a simple tip to prevent cut eggplant from discoloring and also reduce its bitterness.

Keep a large bowl of water handy, with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it. The water should be enough for all the eggplant slices to dip in fully.

As soon as you slice the brinjal, transfer the slices into the salted water.

Let the bowl stand for 20 minutes. The water will turn brown as the eggplant slices release their color into the water.

Drain and wash the brinjal slices well, and pat dry – they are now ready to use in your dish, without brown tinge or bitter taste.


The problem of bitterness and discoloration is more with the small varieties of eggplant/brinjal – the large bharta baingan seems to do fine and even without this pre-cooking treatment.

Small eggplant recipe suggestions:

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