The Ultimate Chapati Cheat Sheet

16 Dec


In olden days I’m told, the first test of the new Indian bride’s ability to cook was based on how she would make chapatis. Did she roll them round and even, cook them just right (no patches raw or charred), get them to fluff out beautifully? Could she roll out a chapati and watch the one on the stove at the same time?

The in-laws would scrutinize the final product, tear off a portion, bite and pass their verdict.

Those days of “judging” the bride are over (or so I hope!), but the fact remains that getting the chapati right is an instant indicator of the chef’s experience. Someone with a flair for cooking can possibly prepare any dish (like a curry) first time right – instructions and instinct guide them well – but one cannot make a perfect chapati until one has made several not-so-good ones before. Making chapatis is easy once you know how but it takes a few stumbles to get there.


French Fries Without Deep Frying

15 Dec

If you love French fries but avoid them for health’s sake, here’s a way to prepare them without deep frying. The result is spectacular!


Orange Carrot Juice

18 Nov

Orange Carrot Juice

My lunchtime vitamin boost of freshly made orange carrot juice, along with a yum spinach rice. Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant. Oranges are loaded with Vitamin C. Together, oranges and carrots combine to give a powerful health drink.


Aloo Palak: Spinach Potato Curry

14 Nov

A simple no-onion-no-garlic spinach potato curry, uniquely flavored with asafoetida and yogurt. I’ll place this right up with my most-loved comfort foods.


Quick Tasty Onion Fry

7 Nov

This side dish of quick tasty onion fry is perfectly suited for a work-night meal. It uses few ingredients, doesn’t need much cooking time and, with its delicate honey soy dressing, is so flavorful you’d hardly believe it can be put together so effortlessly.


Bittersweet Baingan: Green Eggplant with Cashews and Jaggery

25 Oct

Bittersweet Baingan

Before I moved to south India, baingan (eggplant) was strongly linked in my mind with baingani – the color purple. Imagine my surprise when I first discovered that baingan could be green. Since then, my relationship with the green baingan has gone from misgivings to experimentation to understanding. I have discovered that this variety of eggplant takes a slightly shorter time to cook than its purple sibling, and that certain ingredients complement the green eggplant better.


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