Potato Peanut Red Poha

6 Mar

I’ve got myself a pack of organic red poha (flattened brown rice) this time and made this nice breakfast-time dish of kanda poha (flattened rice cooked with onions, potatoes and peanuts) with it. This style of cooking poha is popular in Maharashtra and Karnataka, where it goes by the name avalakki bath.


Kashmiri Saag: Easy Zingy Spinach

3 Mar

Kashmiri Saag

Spinach generously spiked with garlic cloves and dry red chilies, cooked with mustard oil – I fell in love with this simple, deliciously flavored saag from the word go. Only five ingredients and little cooking time, Kashmiri saag is also easy on the one cooking.


Gujarati Dal: Yellow Lentils with Peanuts and Jaggery

2 Mar

Gujarati Dal

Peanuts and jaggery in toor dal? It sounded bizarre and it wasn’t something I had cooked or eaten before. When I saw this recipe for Gujarati dal on a food show on NDTV Good Times I decided to try it in my own kitchen that very day.


How To Make The Greenest Palak Paneer

1 Mar

What do you do to get this lovely lush color in your palak paneer, I am asked.

I’ll let out my secret today.

As they tell you in Kung Fu Panda, the secret of the secret ingredient is that there is no secret ingredient. Which means that my palak paneer looks that way not because of what I add to it, but because of what I do not add to it.


Cheese-Coated Cauliflower

28 Feb

Cauliflower has a lovely flavor of its own and doesn’t need many add-ons to taste great. This recipe of cheese-coated cauliflower that lets the cauliflower’s natural taste stand out. There’s a touch of garlic and a hint of cheese – enough to get your taste buds feel it but not so much that it overshadows the vegetable that stars in the recipe.


Potatoes with Soya Bean Granules

24 Feb

A dish with minimal ingredients that cooks quickly, tastes good and gives you a generous dose of proteins. Sounds good? Here is the recipe of potatoes with soya bean granules.


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