Bhindi Do Pyaza

1 Nov

Bhindi Do Pyaza

Bhindi (okra) with a generous mix of onions and Indian spices – bhindi do pyaza (literally: okra with twice the amount of onions) is a lovely vegetable dish to go with chapatis.


Lauki Raita: Yogurt Dip with Bottle Gourd

28 Oct

Lauki Raita

Raita (yogurt dip), with bottle gourd as its prime ingredient, provides a lovely balance to rich Indian gravies. Bottle gourd and yogurt are bland on their own, but the other ingredients that go with lauki raita give it a suprising tangy twist.


Methi Parathas: Fenugreek Flatbread

26 Oct

Want to have greens, but methi (fenugreek) is too bitter for you? Try methi parathas – atta (whole wheat flour) balances the bitterness beautifully. The end result is pretty delicious.


Lauki Aloo: Bottle Gourd and Potato Stew

19 Oct

When you want a simple tasty vegetable curry to be ready without much effort, this stew of bottle gourd, potatoes and tomatoes is your answer. Use a pressure-cooker to make lauki aloo and you save a lot on time too.


Buttermilk with Curry Leaves, Ginger and Mint

17 Oct

After a day in the hot sun or with a heavy meal, buttermilk feels like a blessing. Famed for its therapeutic, digestive properties, buttermilk is also delicious.


Sabudana Khichdi: Sago for Fast Food

13 Oct

Sago Khichdi

Sabudana, also called sago, is used as fast food in India. No, not the fast food of the burger-and-fries ilk. Fast food, as in vrat food. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, explanation follows. Others, please bear with me a minute or feel free to skip the next two paras directly to the sabudana khichdi recipe.


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