How to Make Pooris (Puffed Indian Bread)

5 Oct

Pooris - Puffed Indian bread

Puffed and crisp, a poori is the epicure’s delight – a delicious bread to accompany potato curry, chhole or aamras. While chapatis are everyday fare, pooris sit proudly as the "special occasion" treat.

Pooris aren’t so easy to make, though, are they? I say they are, once you’ve learnt the ropes.


Baby Potatoes in Yogurt Sauce

1 Oct

Baby Potatoes in Yogurt Sauce

Baby potatoes look so adorable they make me want to pop them into my mouth whole. When I can resist that urge, this is one way I like to cook them.


Masaledar Okra Strips

29 Sep

Is it just me or does a simple change like cutting vegetables in a different shape give a dish a whole new spin?

For dinner last night, before I started chopping up the okra (bhindi) into my usual 1-cm disks, I noticed that some of them were bulging – which means the seeds were big and ripe. I didn’t want those seeds and yet the bhindi good enough to eat. What could be done?


Methi Chutney: Fiery Chili and Fenugreek Magic!

26 Sep

Methi Chutney

I must warn you before giving you this recipe – methi chutney (that is, chutney made of fenugreek leaves) is not for everybody. It is bitter, it is really hot. If you are like me, you will love it. If you are not, I warned you, didn’t I?


Thai-Inspired Potatoes With Sesame Seeds

24 Sep

I’ve been trying out different dishes with my new find this year – the vegan, gluten-free red chili paste from Thai Kitchen. This Thai-inspired recipe using potatoes, onions and sesame seeds is one I specially liked.


Jhatpat Achari Gajar: Pickled Carrots in Minutes!

18 Sep

Achari Gajar: Pickled Carrots

Achari gajar (pickle-like carrots) takes its inspiration from the taste of traditional Indian pickles.  A side dish to spruce up any Indian meal, this recipe’s USP is its “express” approach. In a departure from the long-drawn process of making conventional pickles, achari gajar is ready in minutes.


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