Mango Oats

12 Jun

Sunday breakfast – I decided to spruce up my plain oats with mango, and loved the result.


Roasted Tomato Chili Chutney

10 Jun

With the tanginess of tomatoes and the heat of chilies, roasted tomato chili chutney goes along with stuffed parathas and cutlets like a house on fire.

If you’re like me, you would want a range of color on your plate.  The brown of rotis, the white of yogurt, the yellow of turmeric-tanned Indian curries, simply seem to ask for some green and red.


Eggless Coffee Pudding

5 Jun

A blend of powders, some sugar and milk, a few minutes on the fire, and you have your eggless coffee pudding ready to set and savor in your next meal.

I am not much of a dessert person (as you can see from my recipes – this is the first dessert recipe in months :) ); I make this when guests are coming over, a more elaborate meal is cooking and I am pressed for time.


Mango Shake

1 Jun

Mango Shake

The lovelier the item, the scarcer it is. Ripe mangoes are in season for only a short while. This is that heavenly time. And so we have the fruit in myriad ways – in mango raita, in mixed fruit chats, in custard, or simply cubed.

Mango shake is a regular breakfast drink for me while the good mango times last.


Masala Chai: Spiced Indian Tea

31 May

My initiation into the kitchen was with tea-making – chai is all I knew how to prepare for many long years.

Chai is Hindi for tea, a word unknown no longer outside the Hindi-speaking diaspora – it’s usual for people to say "tea" when they mean Western-style tea, and "chai" when they’re talking about Indian-style tea.

As an ardent tea lover, I am especially excited to share this recipe with you. I hope you enjoy this aromatic tea made the Indian way as much as I do.


Chhole Without Onion And Garlic

28 May

“Pure” vegetarians in India – as some units of my family are – do not use onion and garlic in their food. The rationale? According to Ayurveda, onions and garlic are classed with rajasik and tamasik food like meat and intoxicants. Rajasik food is considered passion-inducing and tamasik food sin-inducing – both are never offered to the Gods.

Ayurveda recommends sticking to the satvik variety of  food – fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains.[1] Satvik food is said to keep you fitter in body and calmer in mind.

How does a no-onion-no-garlic person eat Indian-style chhole (white chickpeas), then, you might ask. The popular Punjabi preparation needs an onion-based gravy of course, but there are other ways of preparing chhole without onion and garlic.


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