Carrot Coriander Soup

19 Aug

Nothing like some hot vegetable soup on a rainy day, is there? I make this carrot coriander soup often – it is filling, easy to make and great for health.

You Need:

  • Carrots – 3, medium-sized
  • Coriander leaves – 1/2 cup, packed
  • Onion – 1
  • Peppercorns – 1 teaspoon
  • Salt – to taste
  • Butter – 1 teaspoon


Tomato Baby Corn Grilled Sandwich

16 Aug

I love grilled sandwiches. They have become something of a staple for my weekend breakfast. The sandwich filling varies depending on my mood and the contents of my fridge/pantry – mashed potatoes, paneer slices, the vegetable side-dish from last night’s dinner. This tomato baby corn filling, spiked with Italian spices, is one of my reigning favorites.


Cheese Parathas

12 Aug

This recipe teeters dangerously close to the limit of "healthy" but when you crave cheese, far wiser to club it with wheat flour bolstered with kasoori methi and carom seeds than ordinary white bread, right?


Red Chura Bhuja: Crispy Red Poha with Peas

8 Aug

A spin-off on the snack Chura Bhuja with Mattar, this dish uses the healthier red poha (flattened rice) instead of white.

The method of making crispy red poha is exactly the same as for white poha – the only difference with red poha is that it is a little less easy to figure out when the grains are cooked enough. With white poha, the color change to golden is a sure indicator. With red poha, the color is already dark when you start so you need to be more watchful. Red poha turns crisp and ready to eat in about 5-6 minutes. Take a little nibble to make sure.


How to Make Paneer at Home

5 Aug

There was a time when I lived next to a dairy that sold really fresh, soft paneer (cottage cheese). Now the only paneer I can lay hands on is the store-bought variety. Fridge life of three weeks says the wrapper, but within three days it starts to feel rubbery and sour.

Homemade paneer has acquired irresistible charm. Pre-packaged paneer will do no more – the taste buds crave the real deal.

Fortunately, this is an easily satiated craving. It is surprisingly easy to make paneer at home.


Mushroom Fried Rice

1 Aug

Leftover boiled rice gives us plenty of opportunity for reshaping into new avatars, doesn’t it? I had a tempting pack of button mushrooms with me and used it for this mushroom fried rice tonight.


Aloo Posto: Poppy Seed Spiced Potatoes

28 Jul

Aloo posto is the quintessential Bengali dish – potatoes cooked in poppy seed paste, served with pooris or steamed rice. This delicately flavored curry gets its spice kick from two other trademark Bengali ingredients – mustard oil and panch phoron.


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