Methi Chhole: Fenugreek Leaves and Chickpeas

27 Mar

Fenugreek leaves and chickpea gravy – did that make you frown? Methi chhole isn’t the most fashionable way of having chickpeas in India [channa masala takes the crown for popularity], but if you’re one of those who want to do something offbeat, ‘hatke’ – you must try this recipe.

In methi chhole, fresh fenugreek and chickpeas come together like soulmates – the bitter notes of methi are tamed by the rich nuttiness of chickpeas and the interesting spice blend in the  gravy.


Coconut Date Bonbons

20 Mar

Who says the tastier the dish, the more sinful it is? Coconut date balls are the perfect rebuttal to that axiom.

Learn how to make this delectable sweet  packed with nutrition, with no added oils, no processed sugars. And vegan to boot.


Flatbread Spiced Indian Style

15 Mar

Flatbread with Sesame and Fenugreek

When chefs with expertise in other cuisines turn to Indian, it is lovely to see their interpretations of dishes well-known to us. Parathas are regular fare at my place but I learnt of this interesting variation courtesy MasterChef Australia.


Lemon and Strawberry Cooler

11 Mar

March must be the hottest month in Bangalore. In a few weeks, evening showers will visit us and cool the city down. Till then I’m doing the best thing one can do in dry hot weather – treating myself to chilled drinks. Lemon and strawberry cooler is one of my favorites of the season.


Clove and Orange Tea

9 Mar

Have you been on a spree of decadent eating? Those celebrating Holi, I bet you have. This refreshing orange clove tea is just for you.


Warming Up To Brussels Sprouts

3 Mar

I never knew what Brussels sprouts were in my growing up years. My first sight of this vegetable was during a work assignment in UK. They were served at a party steamed whole, and their appearance had me entranced. If Gulliver’s Lilliput land cultivated cabbages, this is how they would look.


3 Recipe Ideas Using Pesto

28 Feb

As promised, here come recipe ideas using pesto – in particular, recipes using coriander parsley pesto that I wrote about a few days back.

1. Mushroom and Cherry Tomato Saute with Pesto


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