Kala Chana (Black Chickpea) with Poppy Seeds and Mint

6 Dec

Surplus coaxes us towards invention as much as scarcity. I hate to throw food items away and equally hate to have them beyond their "best before" dates. So I’m using up my pack of poppy seeds that’s dangerously close to expiry in varied ways . Ditto for my bunch of fresh mint leaves. I used some in pudina chutney last night when the mint was freshly plucked – the rest went into this kala chana recipe.

How awesome it is when untried combinations of flavours turn out well.


Mint and Yogurt Dip

1 Dec

This herbaceous green dip is the perfect partner for Indian snacks like nimkis and samosas. The digestion-friendly properties of the ingredients in mint and yogurt dip balance out the high spice and oil content of fried Indian snacks.


Moong Dal Cheela: Savory Lentil Pancakes

26 Nov

We normally make cheela – a savory pancake popular as breakfast food in India – with besan (gram flour),  but my taste buds prefer the more delicate flavors of moong dal cheela. Moong dal has the added edge of being less taxing to the tummy than gram flour.

On to the recipe…and a bonus: I’ve managed to get step-by-step pictures this time!


Okra with Ginger, Coriander, Sesame Seeds and Olive Oil

23 Nov

I was planning to make Sailu’s bhindi sambhariya for dinner when to my dismay, I found that my okra wasn’t the right fit for it – too large, not tender enough. So instead I cut the okra into vertical strips and cooked it with a sort of Indo-western masala. The result was an unexpected delight – nutty and fresh, delicate and sharp – I loved it.


Bitter Gourd, Potato and Onion Sabzi

20 Nov

This is a simple, no-spice dry vegetable dish that I like to carry as packed lunch to work or on a journey. No spill, no stain. Easy on the intestines. Nutritious. And tastes great – if you are a bitter gourd hater, this is the best bet to bring you over to the other camp.


Tomato Ginger Chutney with Roasted Peanuts

16 Nov

A chunky, nutty tomato ginger chutney with a sprinkling of roasted peanuts. Like the sound of it?


Boiled Moong Bean Salad

13 Nov

Green moong dal, when boiled, retains its shape unlike dals like masoor (red lentil) and toor (yellow lentil). One can put boiled moong dal to good use in a salad.


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