5 Fun Food Movies in Hindi

20 Feb

Mothers in Hindi movies may dish out copious amounts of halwa and kheer for their beloved betas but it is the men who rule the roost when it comes to playing food-centric roles on celluloid.


Green Chili Pickle Recipe, and Tips for Pickle-Making

15 Feb

This was my first attempt at making pickle the traditional way and I have to confess I was nervous. The pickle jar needs to be placed out in the sun during the day and brought inside before sundown, regularly for days together. It needs to be handled with super-dry, ultra-clean  equipment. My anxious mind asked – with no prior experience to bank on, a 9-to-6 job and other pressing domestic matters, will I be able to keep up with the discipline of pickle-making?

I did – and a week later, have this delicious green chili pickle recipe to share with you. Detailed step-by-step pictures included.


Round-Up: 6 Valentine Day Food Ideas for Vegetarians

9 Feb

Most food blogs have delicious Valentine’s recipes to offer these days. If you are vegetarian, you probably look at a lovely dessert picture/blog post title, open the post and scan quickly through the ingredient list with fingers crossed – "no egg please!"

And then the ominous line "[n] large eggs" hits your eye and you close the blog with a heavy heart.

Despair not, dear vegetarian. Here are some hand-picked Valentine’s Day food ideas just for you from across the world wide web.


Stuffed Baby Eggplant in Peanut Sesame Sauce

6 Feb

Onions are indispensable to cooking in many Indian households, so much so that the humble bulb has caused governments to topple. To those for whom curries without onions seem inconceivable, I heartily recommend this recipe for stuffed eggplant in peanut sesame sauce. The sauce, with tamarind juice to give it body, is rich, thick, and entirely sans onions. I like to make this gravy when I have guests over, especially my no-onion-no-garlic folks.


Pineapple Raita

1 Feb

A fruity raita to give company to Indian meals, specially good when you have heavy gravies like kofta curry or paneer butter masala on the menu. I love the sweet and tart taste that ripe pineapple gives to the raita.


Spinach Rice with Coriander Pesto and Cashew Nuts

29 Jan

The very versatile spinach goes into this very green one-pot rice meal, making it a wholesome Sunday lunch option.

I normally keep coriander pesto handy in the fridge for a quick addition to salads or sandwich spread. Putting some pesto into spinach rice, along with the garnish of fried cashew nuts, worked wonders with the otherwise simple meal.


The Taste of Aloo Parathas without the Hassle of Stuffing

27 Jan

Learning how to make stuffed parathas wasn’t exactly a cakewalk for me. Most often I would go overboard with the filling and the paratha would crack open while rolling, leaving a messy spill. To counter that, I would fill so little that only superactive taste buds could tell there was actually something between the layers of flour.

One day years ago, quite by accident, I discovered this pleasing middle ground – aloo parathas without stuffing. Sharing my method here, I’m sure this will help the novice paratha rollers among you.


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