Sesame Almond Laddoos

7 Jan

I don’t exactly have a sweet tooth. The effort needed to prepare most desserts doesn’t match up to the high I get in eating them. So I doff my hat to Sailu’s recipe for til laddoos – the simplicity and attractiveness of these sweets shook my no-dessert spell.

Here is my version of sesame laddoos. As an almond fan (or shall we say, "nut nut"), I hiked the amount of almonds to make up for the omission of oatmeal. The result was not bad at all.


Upma with Moong Sprouts

4 Jan

From my mom’s kitchen,  a wholesome upma fortified with beans, carrots, sprouted moong and amla. My only contribution has been in clicking pictures and wolfing it down for breakfast.

This is the 100th post on The Steaming Pot. How lovely that it should coincide with the first post of the New Year! Best wishes for 2012 to each one of you. If you like this blog, please pass on the link to your friends, "Like" the Steaming Pot’s Facebook page and follow @steamingpot on twitter. Thank you VERY much for reading!


Spicy Rajma Parathas

19 Dec

This happens often with me – I make rajma masala ((red kidney beans in gravy), there is plenty leftover after a filling meal and then I don’t feel like do a repeat for the next meal. What is the best way to finish off the remaining rajma masala?

My vote goes to these super-tasty rajma parathas. Packed with the flavors of the rich tomato-garam masala gravy, they also take next to no effort at the time of making.


Gobi Masala: Cauliflower in Onion Gravy

11 Dec

A party favorite also considerate to the weight-watchers – what more could one ask for? This recipe for gobi masala (cauliflower cooked in an onion-based gravy) with minimal oil is a sure hit.


Kala Chana (Black Chickpea) with Poppy Seeds and Mint

6 Dec

Surplus coaxes us towards invention as much as scarcity. I hate to throw food items away and equally hate to have them beyond their "best before" dates. So I’m using up my pack of poppy seeds that’s dangerously close to expiry in varied ways . Ditto for my bunch of fresh mint leaves. I used some in pudina chutney last night when the mint was freshly plucked – the rest went into this kala chana recipe.

How awesome it is when untried combinations of flavours turn out well.


Mint and Yogurt Dip

1 Dec

This herbaceous green dip is the perfect partner for Indian snacks like nimkis and samosas. The digestion-friendly properties of the ingredients in mint and yogurt dip balance out the high spice and oil content of fried Indian snacks.


Moong Dal Cheela: Savory Lentil Pancakes

26 Nov

We normally make cheela – a savory pancake popular as breakfast food in India – with besan (gram flour),  but my taste buds prefer the more delicate flavors of moong dal cheela. Moong dal has the added edge of being less taxing to the tummy than gram flour.

On to the recipe…and a bonus: I’ve managed to get step-by-step pictures this time!


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