Mango Shake

1 Jun

Mango Shake

The lovelier the item, the scarcer it is. Ripe mangoes are in season for only a short while. This is that heavenly time. And so we have the fruit in myriad ways – in mango raita, in mixed fruit chats, in custard, or simply cubed.

Mango shake is a regular breakfast drink for me while the good mango times last.

It’s filling, nutritious, and delicious. What more could one ask for?

Mango Shake

You Need:

[per glass]

  • Chilled milk – 2/3 glass
  • Mango – 1/2 (or enough to give 1 cup of cut mango)
  • Ice cubes – 2
  • Sugar/honey – to taste; will also depend on the sweetness of the mango. With a ripe Banganpalli, I add a teaspoon.

How To Make Mango Shake:

Peel the mango and slice out the mango flesh. Discard the seed.


Place the mango slices and sugar/honey in a blender. Top with half the milk, and churn, till the sugar dissolves.

Mango Blend

Add the remaining milk and ice cubes, and continue to churn for a minute.

Serve chilled mango shake immediately. Can be had along with breakfast, or by itself anytime during a summer day.

Mango Milkshake


You can alter the ratio of mango:milk in mango shake to your liking. Increasing the quantity of mango will give you a thicker, deeper colored drink.

Substitute milk with almond milk or coconut milk for a vegan mango shake.

Want more mango recipes? See the mango recipe gallery on The Steaming Pot.

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