Juicing Recipes: 7-Day Plan

4 May

Watermelon Pomegranate Beetroot Juice

A guide to juicing recipes that you could follow during the week: this 7-day juicing plan gives you a range of colors, nutrients and ingredients.

Before the recipes, let’s talk first about the hurdles you may have to cross if you aren’t juicing as much as you’d like to.

How To Get Yourself To Do More Juicing

Do you think a juicer is a waste? Do you identify with this chain of events?

Buying a juicer super-enthusiastically, 
Juicing 3 days in a row, enthusiasm waning with every use,
Letting the juicer languish on the kitchen counter till the appliance begins to gather dust,
Placing the juicer in a far corner of the store room out of everyday reach,
Forgetting the juicer for eternity.

Many I know went through that cycle.

Giving up on juicing: Why does this happen?

It’s usually one of these reasons:

  • You don’t like raw juices

  • You got the juicer as part of a New Year’s Resolution or a diet plan, and couldn’t sustain the discipline of doing something you don’t relish.

  • It’s too much effort for little return

  • You spend a long time cutting and deseeding fruits and vegetables, and then some more cleaning the juicer. The juice itself gets gulped down in a matter of seconds. Which is why you think that the ROI of juicing (fruit of labor, shall we say) doesn’t make the venture profitable.

  • You don’t have the time

  • You lead a rushed life and have barely minutes to cook meals for yourself. Juicing is a luxury you can ill-afford.

Bash The Bottlenecks!

You can take easy action to make juicing interesting and easy to you.

  • Adapt juice recipes to YOUR taste

  • I hear you if you say that you do not like spinach and cabbage in your juice. I am no big fan either. My trick is to put a little bit of what I dislike into what I do like.

    Don’t like cabbage? Cloak it with orange juice.

    Don’t like beetroot? Put a little into watermelon juice.

    Don’t like spinach? Only add a few leaves to mint juice.

    Experiment and you’ll soon find what works for you and what doesn’t. The juicing recipes I’m sharing below are all of my best-loved juices. I hope you relish them too.

  • Invest in a time-saving juicer

  • There are very convenient juicers available nowadays and if your old one is hard to run and hard to clean, I suggest getting a new one.

    I looked for these features in my juicer:

  • wide chute – should be able to take in whole fruits and vegetables without prior chopping
  • maximum extraction – the residue left should be hard, the juice should be in your glass
  • quickly cleanable parts – post-juicing effort should be minimal
  • safety – should not run if assembled faultily, should not heat up too fast, etc.
  • good on the eye – yes, call me shallow
  • I’m happy with my Philips HR1832/01 Compact Juicer; you can look around and find more sophisticated juicers.

  • Make a "juicing box"

  • To save time on a hectic morning, stash a "juicing box" into the fridge the night before. Or pack a couple of boxes over the weekend. No more bleary-eyed wondering what to juice then ditching the idea because you don’t have precious morning time to peel stuff or to strain your brain for creative inspiration.

    When you need it, open the juicing box, pop the contents into the juicer and have the juice ready within seconds.

    Here’s a favorite sample from my fridge:

Juicing Box

And now for the juicing plan for 7 days (Monday to Sunday).

7-Day Juicing Plan

The plan gives you two or three key ingredients to put in each juice – you can embellish it with other ingredients. A dash of kala namak (black salt) or a squeeze of lime can do wonders as flavor enhancers.

This plan follows the "eat the rainbow" approach – it tries to balance the reds and greens and yellows and purples through the week, so that you get a wide spectrum of nutritive value with juices.

Click on the title or picture to take you to the recipe details.

DAY 1: Monday Mint
Apple Cucumber Mint Juice

A fresh beginning – just so right to start with mint, which also means ‘new’. With apple and cucumber juice as the base.

Apple Cucumber Mint Juice

DAY 2: Ruby Tuesday
Watermelon Pomegranate Beetroot Juice

An onslaught of red, and a megadose of vitamins and minerals – watermelon pomegranate beetroot juice.

Watermelon Pomegranate Beetroot Juice

DAY 3: Tropical Wednesday
Pineapple Grapefruit Juice

Tropical gorgeousness. Pineapple grapefruit juice, with fresh herbs and roasted cumin.

Pineapple Grapefruit Juice

DAY 4: Herby Thursday
Cucumber Coriander Mint Juice

Green juice loaded with the goodness of coriander, mint and cucumber. A squeeze of lime, a dash of honey. Easy on the waist – as well as on the wallet.

Cucumber Coriander Mint Juice

DAY 5: Black Friday
Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

Grape, beetroot, basil – each a treasure trove of nutrients– together produce a deep-hued, health-boosting juice with healing properties.

Grape Beetroot Basil Juice

DAY 6: Saturday Ap-pear-ance
Pear Mint Ginger Juice

The weekend makes an appearance – welcome it with a sweet, aromatic pears in juice. Fortified with fresh mint and ginger.

Pear Mint Ginger Juice sq

Day 7: Sunday Sunshine
Melon Orange Ginger Juice

In yellow-amber hues of happy sunshine, melon orange juice is as much a delight to the eye as it is to your health.

Melon Orange Juice


A few things to keep in mind while you follow this 7-day juicing plan.

The juicing recipes under this 7-day plan use more fruit than vegetables. If you are juicing to lose weight, you might want to shift from ingredients with high natural sugar (e.g. pomegranate, beetroot) to those with low natural sugar (e.g. cucumber, spinach). Check with your nutritionist for your specific dietary needs.

Juicing removes much of the fibre from fruits and vegetables, and it’s said that that makes it less healthy than raw fruit. I see some things in favor of juice over raw fruit, though.

(i) You can consume more of something juiced than raw. You might not eat 3 carrots at a time, but you can drink the juice of 3 carrots in one go.

(ii) You can add small quantities of an ingredient to your juice that you wouldn’t touch raw. You might not like raw broccoli but you wouldn’t know it if you mixed a little into fruit juice.

Enjoy juicing! And share your juicing recipes too.

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  1. Mandira May 16, 2017 at 11:20 PM #

    Thank you for this fantastic, beautifully pictured post. It has inspired me to bring my juicer back into action.

    ❤ your idea of a juicing box.

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      Great to hear that Mandira!

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