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Peas Parathas: Flatbread with Spiced Pea Filling

11 Sep

Peas Parathas

Parathas stuffed with a spiced peas masala. Peas parathas for a delicious, protein-rich weekend brunch.


Peas and Cashew Fried Rice

28 Aug

A one-pot rich rice meal bulging with flavors – whole garam masala, the heat and crunch of peppercorns, peas and cashew nuts, fried onions and ghee. Peas and cashew fried rice on a lazy Sunday afternoon at home, what more could one ask for?


Red Chura Bhuja: Crispy Red Poha with Peas

8 Aug

A spin-off on the snack Chura Bhuja with Mattar, this dish uses the healthier red poha (flattened rice) instead of white.

The method of making crispy red poha is exactly the same as for white poha – the only difference with red poha is that it is a little less easy to figure out when the grains are cooked enough. With white poha, the color change to golden is a sure indicator. With red poha, the color is already dark when you start so you need to be more watchful. Red poha turns crisp and ready to eat in about 5-6 minutes. Take a little nibble to make sure.


Chura Bhuja Mattar: Crispy Flattened Rice and Peas

14 Feb

The most archetypal of snacks from Bihar – chura bhuja.

What is chura, did you ask? Chura is the Bihari word for flattened rice, called chiwra elsewhere in north India. The better-known way of preparing chiwra is in its moistened form, as poha. Chura bhuja, in contrast, works on chiwra crisp and dry.

What is bhuja, did you ask? That is another Bihari word, meaning a dry roasted snack.

Chura bhuja can be had on its own but tastes best when paired with a mattar (peas) dish. Here is a simple recipe. If you have the time and inclination you could prepare it as a full-fledged ghughni with onions and tomatoes.


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