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Saadi Lauki: Simple Bottle Gourd Curry

9 Nov

The magic of some recipes lies in exclusion: the dish tastes so good because certain conventional ingredients are knocked off from its making. This recipe of saadi lauki sabzi (simple bottle gourd curry) , passed down from my grandmother’s kitchen, falls in that hallowed category.


Lauki Raita: Yogurt Dip with Bottle Gourd

28 Oct

Raita (yogurt dip), with bottle gourd as its prime ingredient, provides a lovely balance to rich Indian gravies. Bottle gourd and yogurt are bland on their own, but the other ingredients that go with lauki raita give it a suprising tangy twist.


Lauki Aloo: Bottle Gourd and Potato Stew

19 Oct

When you want a simple tasty vegetable curry to be ready without much effort, this stew of bottle gourd, potatoes and tomatoes is your answer. Use a pressure-cooker to make lauki aloo and you save a lot on time too.


Majjige Huli: Bottle Gourd Yogurt Curry

14 Jun

Majjige Huli

Kadhi with a Kannadiga spin – that’s how I would describe majjige huli to folks back home. Same as kadhi, majjige huli is made of yogurt and spices, with a thickening agent – besan it is in kadhi, rice generally in majjige huli. Majjige huli is also sourer and lighter than kadhi – no fried pakoras but boiled vegetables, the dish is a slimmer’s delight.