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Til Methi Ki Chutney: Sesame Fenugreek Chutney

2 Sep

I am a fan of the fierce, bitter methi chutney, but I gather that not many are on my side. Most friends find it "a bit much" for their taste. And so – for them and for those of you that share their taste โ€“ here’s a milder, nuttier version of it: sesame fenugreek chutney or til methi ki chutney. (more…)

Cabbage and Peas Stir Fry with Honey Soy Dressing

25 May

I often do a dry stir fry of cabbage, peas and onions with Indian spices, to accompany plain parathas in my office lunch box. This time I looked towards pan-Asian cuisine for inspiration, putting in honey and soy sauce in place of cumin and coriander.


Flatbread Spiced Indian Style

15 Mar

When chefs with expertise in other cuisines turn to Indian, it is lovely to see their interpretations of dishes well-known to us. Parathas are regular fare at my place but I learnt of this interesting variation courtesy MasterChef Australia.


Stuffed Baby Eggplant in Peanut Sesame Sauce

6 Feb

Onions are indispensable to cooking in many Indian households, so much so that the humble bulb has caused governments to topple. To those for whom curries without onions seem inconceivable, I heartily recommend this recipe for stuffed eggplant in peanut sesame sauce. The sauce, with tamarind juice to give it body, is rich, thick, and entirely sans onions. I like to make this gravy when I have guests over, especially my no-onion-no-garlic folks.


Sesame Almond Laddoos

7 Jan

I don’t exactly have a sweet tooth. The effort needed to prepare most desserts doesn’t match up to the high I get in eating them. So I doff my hat to Sailu’s recipe for til laddoos – the simplicity and attractiveness of these sweets shook my no-dessert spell.

Here is my version of sesame laddoos. As an almond fan (or shall we say, "nut nut"), I hiked the amount of almonds to make up for the omission of oatmeal. The result was not bad at all.


Okra with Ginger, Coriander, Sesame Seeds and Olive Oil

23 Nov

I was planning to make Sailu’s bhindi sambhariya for dinner when to my dismay, I found that my okra wasn’t the right fit for it – too large, not tender enough. So instead I cut the okra into vertical strips and cooked it with a sort of Indo-western masala. The result was an unexpected delight – nutty and fresh, delicate and sharp – I loved it.


Beans with Crushed Peanuts and Sesame

9 Oct

This is one of those dishes in which you keep adding this and that, taking tentative bites to check if it tastes good, and end up liking the result enough to make note of it for repetition.

And that, coming from someone rarely enthused about string beans, is saying something.


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