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Apple Cucumber Mint Juice

28 Mar


To call fresh juice "refreshing" is a well-worn cliché, but some clichés are worth repeating. Apple cucumber mint juice at the end of a work-packed weekday is an excellent pick-me-up. When you’ve had a luxurious dinner, try apple mint cucumber juice first thing the next morning – it’s a wonderful way to balance out the indulgence of the previous meal.


Kala Chana (Black Chickpea) with Poppy Seeds and Mint

6 Dec

Surplus coaxes us towards invention as much as scarcity. I hate to throw food items away and equally hate to have them beyond their "best before" dates. So I’m using up my pack of poppy seeds that’s dangerously close to expiry in varied ways . Ditto for my bunch of fresh mint leaves. I used some in pudina chutney last night when the mint was freshly plucked – the rest went into this kala chana recipe.

How awesome it is when untried combinations of flavours turn out well.


Mint and Yogurt Dip

1 Dec

This herbaceous green dip is the perfect partner for Indian snacks like nimkis and samosas. The digestion-friendly properties of the ingredients in mint and yogurt dip balance out the high spice and oil content of fried Indian snacks.


Buttermilk with Curry Leaves, Ginger and Mint

17 Oct

After a day in the hot sun or with a heavy meal, buttermilk feels like a blessing. Famed for its therapeutic, digestive properties, buttermilk is also delicious.


Aam Panna: Green Mango Panna

11 May

Vendor carts sell fresh green mangoes right outside my home these days. What better invitation to pick some up and make aam panna?

Making aam panna (green mango panna) is a little time-taking but it’s worth the effort. The drink is packed with nutrition, helps you tackle the bad effects of loo, besides readymade aam panna doesn’t taste nearly as good. (more…)

Mint-flavored Salted Lassi

20 Apr

Beat the heat with this cool drink – mint-flavored salted lassi. For those new to Indian cuisine, lassi is a popular yogurt-based drink that may be had sweet or salted. When sweet, it may contain sugar, honey, and fruit like mangoes. When salted, it is usually flavored with a set of spices and herbs. Lassi can be served along with the main meal like lunch or dinner, or as an evening drink.


Moong And Onion Raita

28 Mar

Come Indian summer and raita begins to feel like manna from heaven.

For the uninitiated, ‘raita’ is a yogurt-based accompaniment with Indian meals. Served cold, its digestive, cooling properties are a great counterpoint to the otherwise spicy Indian meal.

There are endless variations to the raita – every region has its specialties, every family has its own spin on it. Here is one raita recipe that I specially like – using moong sprouts and onions.


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