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Potato Adzuki Bean Curry

18 May

Potato Adzuki Bean Curry

A hearty potato adzuki bean curry with a burst of Indian spices and flavors.


Gobhi Kasoori Methi: Cauliflower, Fenugreek and Dried Cranberries

6 Jan

Gobhi Kasoori Methi

I like to balance bitter with a hint of sweet: some jaggery in methi chhole, sauteed pineapple on the side with methi chawal. In this gobhi kasoori methi (cauliflower and dried fenugreek) recipe, I turn to dried cranberries for the balancing act. I love the result! Do you?


Masoor Dal Tadka: Red Lentils with Ghee Tempering

28 Jan

Masoor dal – the salmon-pink, hulled lentil – is a quick-cooking dal that needs no prior soaking or laborious cooking. My masoor dal tadka recipe rides on the pliability of masoor and has the dish ready to serve in a matter of minutes.

In case you’re wondering, tadka is the process of tempering spices in hot oil and pouring them along with the oil into a dish. I use ghee for tadka in this recipe; the aroma of ghee brings out the earthy flavor of masoor dal. (more…)

Cheese Parathas

12 Aug

This recipe teeters dangerously close to the limit of "healthy" but when you crave cheese, far wiser to club it with wheat flour bolstered with kasoori methi and carom seeds than ordinary white bread, right?


Onion Tomato Parathas

17 Jul

Onion Tomato Parathas

What can one do with wheat flour, onion and tomatoes? Make stuffed parathas of course. This filling came to be simply because I was out of other vegetables and it was raining too heavily for me to venture out and restock. Sometimes, necessity and laziness can produce wondrous results. Onion tomato parathas are proof!


Paneer Kasoori Methi

13 Apr

Paneer Kasoori Methi: Paneer with Dried Fenugreek

When onions and dried fenugreek get together, the result is magical. Try making paneer kasoori methi with these two ingredients that give the gravy its unique, layered flavor.


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