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Adzuki Bean Salad with Greens, Cherry Tomatoes, Pears and Cheese

26 Mar

Adzuki Bean Leafy Salad

A colorful salad bowl with an assortment of flavors and nutrients. Fresh leaves, walnuts and cheese, crunchy pear cubes, juicy cherry tomatoes give company to adzuki beans in this recipe.


Fruit and Nut Dalia (Broken Wheat Porridge)

31 Jan

Fruit and Nut Dalia

Add some fruity, nutty excitement to your porridge bowl. Dalia (broken wheat) is a favored breakfast food in many Indian homes ā€“ the grain is made by milling raw wheat grains, and is especially nutritious as it is unrefined. Dalia is a great source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre ā€“ all that at an affordable price.


Coriander Parsley Pesto

27 Feb

It is only on a trip to Namdhari’s that I get to pick up stuff like parsley. The herb isn’t too easily accessible where I live in India, nor is it integral to Indian cooking. And so when I’m using it, Iā€™m a little outside my comfort zone.

It gives a special high when we get things right outside our comfort zones, doesn’t it?


Eggless Coffee Pudding

5 Jun

A blend of powders, some sugar and milk, a few minutes on the fire, and you have your eggless coffee pudding ready to set and savor in your next meal.

I am not much of a dessert person (as you can see from my recipes – this is the first dessert recipe in months :) ); I make this when guests are coming over, a more elaborate meal is cooking and I am pressed for time.