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Ragi or finger millet is a nutritious grain especially popular in Karnataka, India. Ragi is gluten-free, which makes ragi flour a popular choice as atta (wheat flour) substitute for those on a gluten-free diet.

Ragi Roti: Finger Millet Flatbread

6 Jul

Ragi Roti: Finger Millet Flatbread

I try to include a variety of grains/flours and cooking oils in my diet. Whole wheat flour, gram flour, brown rice have been regulars in the pantry. One grain I haven’t taken to easily is ragi (finger millet). One reason is that I do not have any family recipes to fall back on – ragi isn’t commonly eaten in my native cuisine from Bihar. That apart, I am not a big fan of ragi – too much of it in a dish turns its taste to what I can only describe as ‘dusty’.

Ragi’s health benefits are multifold – it is a rich source of amino acids methionine and tryptophan, and other nutrients like calcium and iron. One HAS to eat it, ‘dusty’ taste notwithstanding :-) The most palatable way I’ve found is to add a portion of ragi flour to chapati flour and make it into ragi roti.