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Clove and Orange Tea

9 Mar

Have you been on a spree of decadent eating? Those celebrating Holi, I bet you have. This refreshing orange clove tea is just for you.


Apple Orange Ginger Juice

8 May

A goodness-filled glass of fruit juice to start my Sunday.

How I made it: Blended together an apple, a large orange and a stick of ginger with ice cubes, then sieved the mix through a wide strainer.


Carrot-Orange Juice

18 Nov

My lunchtime vitamin boost of freshly made orange and carrot juice, along with a yum spinach rice.

You Need:

  • Carrot – 1 fat, scraped and chopped
  • Oranges – 2, peeled
  • Honey – to taste, optional

How To:

Put carrot cubes, oranges and honey (if using) in a juicer.

Pour into a tall glass. Serve immediately.

(Makes one big serving. Increasing quantities proportionally for more.)