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The Easiest Homemade Orange Marmalade

9 Sep

This orange marmalade recipe is for those who want a small jar of it to eat up within a week or two, without the rigors of canning and bottling for preserving till eternity. No pectin, no fancy equipment, no complex sterilization of storage jars. Making orange marmalade at home doesn’t get easier than this!

Ever since I’ve started making marmalade in my own kitchen, I wonder that I ever bought it from the market. I get far superior stuff at a fraction of the cost, with hardly any effort. Plus the activity leaves the kitchen smelling wonderful for hours! The bittersweet bite of rind, the real fresh citrus taste, the golden-happy translucence of homemade orange marmalade – there is just no match for it.


Clove and Orange Tea

9 Mar

Have you been on a spree of decadent eating? Those celebrating Holi, I bet you have. This refreshing orange clove tea is just for you.


Apple Orange Ginger Juice

8 May

A goodness-filled glass of fruit juice to start my Sunday.

How I made it: Blended together an apple, a large orange and a stick of ginger with ice cubes, then sieved the mix through a wide strainer.


Carrot-Orange Juice

18 Nov

My lunchtime vitamin boost of freshly made orange and carrot juice, along with a yum spinach rice.