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Dahi Chura, a Makar Sankranti Special

14 Jan

Cool homemade yogurt, flattened rice that needs no cooking, honey/jaggery and fresh fruit. A breakfast so healthy it’ll give you a palpable halo around your head. Presenting for you staple morning-time food from Bihar – dahi chura.


Ginger Jaggery Chutney with Mango Chunks

19 Jun

You’d expect the last mangoes of the season to be ripe yellow, robustly sweet and oozing juice, but nature has a way of subverting expectations. I cut open a fat Banganapalli this Sunday to have mango cubes as a post-lunch dessert. The mango’s insides turned out to be half-white and tending towards sour.

My first thought was to make sweet mango chutney but then the fresh aromatic ginger in my pantry nudged me to try something different – a chunky ginger jaggery chutney with mango.


Sweet Mango Chutney

24 Apr

You know those mangoes we get this time of the year, neither ripe nor unripe but somewhere in between. Too sour to be eaten as-is or used in milkshakes, but not raw enough for panna. What to do with such mangoes?

Make sweet mango chutney, if you ask me.


Aamras: Flavored Mango Pulp

20 Jun

Aamras literally means "mango nectar" and that’s exactly what it is – flavored pulp of ripe mangoes. A summer regular on any Gujarati thali, aamras is unusual in that it isn’t an end-of-meal dessert – it is part of the main course, eaten with pooris and parathas.


Mango Oats

12 Jun

Sunday breakfast – I decided to spruce up my plain oats with mango, and loved the result.


Mango Shake

1 Jun

The lovelier the item, the scarcer it is. Ripe mangoes are in season for only a short while. This is that heavenly time. And so we have the fruit in myriad ways – in mango raita, in mixed fruit chats, in custard, or simply cubed.

Mango shake is a regular breakfast drink for me while the good mango times last.


Mango Raita

15 May

A fruit raita for my lunch gathering today, with the "king of fruits" as it is called – the mango. 

This fruit comes in many cultivars, each with its own distinct taste, texture and characteristics. Mangoes can be small, red and pulpy, or large, yellow-green and firm. Some cultivars are so squishy that the only decent way to eat them is by making a hole at the top and sucking the juice out.