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Fruit and Nut Dalia (Broken Wheat Porridge)

31 Jan

Fruit and Nut Dalia

Add some fruity, nutty excitement to your porridge bowl. Dalia (broken wheat) is a favored breakfast food in many Indian homes – the grain is made by milling raw wheat grains, and is especially nutritious as it is unrefined. Dalia is a great source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre – all that at an affordable price.


Fresh Fruit Rabri (No Refined Sugar)

20 Apr

A healthy fresh fruit preparation that you can serve as a snack or an after-meal dessert.

Traditional rabri can be pretty heavy with its high content of sugar and condensed milk. Its usual pairing with malpua and jalebi (while delicious!) doesn’t help either if you’re watching your weight. Enter my recipe of fresh fruit rabri – the best sort of dessert to satiate your sweet tooth even on a healthy diet. No refined sugar, no tinned condensed milk –this rabri is sweetened only with natural nutrient-rich dates and apricots. No canned fruit either – only wholesome seasonal stuff. 


Apple Cucumber Mint Juice

28 Mar

Apple Cucumber Mint Juice

To call fresh juice "refreshing" is a well-worn cliché, but some clichés are worth repeating. Apple cucumber mint juice at the end of a work-packed weekday is an excellent pick-me-up. When you’ve had a luxurious dinner, try apple mint cucumber juice first thing the next morning – it’s a wonderful way to balance out the indulgence of the previous meal.


Dahi Chura, a Makar Sankranti Special

14 Jan

Cool homemade yogurt, flattened rice that needs no cooking, honey/jaggery and fresh fruit. A breakfast so healthy it’ll give you a palpable halo around your head. Presenting for you staple morning-time food from Bihar – dahi chura.


Apple Orange Ginger Juice

8 May

Apple Orange Ginger Juice

A goodness-filled glass of fruit juice to start my Sunday.

How I made it: blended together an apple, a large orange and a stick of ginger with ice cubes.

After the ingredients were well blended, sieved the pulp through a wide strainer. Pressed the pulp down with a ladle to extract the maximum juice, adding a bit of water to the residue to get a second extract.

Freshly extracted apple orange ginger juice, ready to be relished:

Apple Orange Ginger Juice


Juicing isn’t impossible without a juicer. It does get more convenient with a juicer, though. Invest in the apparatus if you want to have juices more regularly, I’d say – and then look up this 7-day juicing plan.