Banana Blossoms with Mustard Ginger Seasoning

12 Mar

Banana blossoms aren’t something I use often in my cooking – the effort of peeling and cutting is a major deterrent. This time I found a pack of pre-peeled banana blossoms at the grocery store and decided to give it a go.

Pretty kicked about how this recipe of banana blossoms with mustard ginger seasoning turned out. Hope you like it as much as I did.

In this dish, banana blossoms are spiced with the strong heat of freshly ground mustard, ginger and green chilies, and cooked in mustard oil – prepare yourself for a riot of flavors!

[Wondering what banana blossom is? See Ingredient Spotlight: Banana Blossom.] 

Banana Blossoms with Mustard Ginger Seasoning

For how to clean and cut banana blossoms, take a look at the instructions on the ever-reliable Rak’s Kitchen. She suggests dipping the blossoms in buttermilk to lessen blackening – I didn’t do that, instead dipped them in salted water immediately. But I’m getting ahead of myself…step-by-step recipe of banana blossoms with mustard ginger seasoning follows.

You Need:

  • Banana blossoms (plucked and cleaned) – 300 grams
  • Salt – to taste
  • Turmeric powder – 1/4 teaspoon
  • Green chilies – 1 (2 if you like it hot)
  • Ginger – 1-inch stick
  • Yellow mustard seeds – 1 tablespoon
  • Asafoetida powder – a pinch
  • Mustard oil – 1 tablespoon
  • Lemon juice – 2 teaspoons

How To:

Breaking it down to 3 simple steps: one, boil the banana blossoms to reduce their bitterness; two, prepare the seasoning; and finally, cook it all together.

1. Boil banana blossoms

After banana blossoms are plucked and cleaned, slice them into thin 1-inch strips. As you slice, transfer the pieces to a pot of water (4 cups) to which a teaspoon of salt has been added.

Boil the pot of sliced banana blossoms in salted water for 20 minutes. At the end you’ll find banana blossoms have softened and the water has turned dark. Drain the blackened water and rinse banana blossoms with fresh water. Drain. Add salt to taste. Keep aside.

2. Make mustard-ginger paste

Grind these ingredients together to make a thick spice paste: a tablespoon of mustard seeds, a 1-inch knob of ginger, and green chili (1 or more).

3. Bring it all together

Heat mustard oil in a pan. When smoking hot, set heat to low and add asafoetida powder. Follow immediately when the ground spice paste.*

Stir around for half a minute, or till the spice paste turns a deeper color.

Add turmeric powder, and then boiled, salted banana blossoms. Stir well. Cook covered on medium heat, stirring every other minute, for 6 minutes or till the seasoning has infused its flavors into the banana blossoms.

Finish with a dash of lime juice.

My lunch today: chapatis, carrot onion raita, and banana blossoms with mustard ginger seasoning.

Banana Blossoms Curry


*For a little extra heat and variation in texture, I added another coarsely chopped green chili into the pan, along with the spice paste.

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